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Ugly, but Scrummy Freezer Food.

Some plates of food just make your mouth water by looking at them. And others do not, yet the taste and comfort of a bowl of rice and lentils is hard to beat.IMG_20180224_165549226

We’re having a cold snap at the moment where the days are bright and frosty. The kids and I venture outside wrapped up warm (today we went and played poohsticks) it’s too sunny to stay indoors and too cold to stay out for long.

So chilly and having built up an appetite we want something warm and comforting but quick to prepare and 10 minutes later there’s a bowl of beige goodness on table. It’s even vegan, one of the few vegan dishes that I can make without someone asking “where’s the meat?“*

Originally cooked for us by MIL from a recipe in Good Housekeeping I’ve cooked a variation of this cauliflower curry at least once every month. I often soak my own lentils to keep costs down, forget about the lime and coriander and double the ingredients because if you freeze it without the cauliflower then it reheats like a dream.

There’s really no need for rice as I can happily eat mild lentil curry by itself although hubby would protest. We ended up stuffing the pitta with the lentils as it was far more fun than eating with our forks!

The way I tend to make my lentil curry now is to:

  • Fry an onion
  • Add ginger, garlic and curry paste
  • Stir in cauliflower, green beans, lentils, coconut milk and stock
  • Simmer and add creamed coconut if it’s in the cupboard
  • Taste, season and maybe play with some spices like cumin and ground coriander, a spoonful of mango chutney is nice if you fancy some extra sweetness
  • Eat all the cauliflower the first day and freeze the rest.

What freezer foods have you eaten recently that warmed you up?


*I used to add chicken to the dish so the carnivores would be happy until one day I didn’t and nobody moaned.


Best Chicken Ramen Ever!

Best Chicken Ramen ever!” say Hubby and the Boy.

Well label me super happy and while the monster was less vocal she ate an impressive amount. We have a habit of popping into Wagamama’s when we’ve faced the gauntlet of shoe shopping and their kids ramen always goes down a treat. But it’s pricey (after you add drinks, pudding and the sides*) and so after a particular request for “that noodle place” I went a-hunting for recipes.

Turns out Wagamama themselves share some recipes like their chili chicken ramen and I also found a kids chicken ramen recipe too from Truly Madly Kids. So I kinda combined the two with ingredients that I already had being:

  • Marinated chicken with garlic and ginger.
  • Chicken stock and added miso.
  • Egg noodles.
  • Spring onion, carrot and sweetcorn.

**The kids like it just as while I added chili sauce to mine and hubby added chili AND soy sauce. I actually feel like the kids ate a whole meal and there’s enough to reheat for lunch another day too.



*God, I love their crispy prawns and pork buns!

*I’m going to guess that you can figure out how to cook the ramen but if not give me a shout and I’ll add step by step instructions.

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Corr, how leftovers make wonderful lunches.


Does that plate of deliciousness just not look too good to be true!?!

Here we have roasted peppers, green beans and spicy aubergine with homemade gluten free bread, piping hot and enjoyed thoroughly. Well, by myself at least as the other family members declined to eat said dinner last night and filled themselves up on cereal and peanut butter sandwiches.

While they missed out it meant that I had more than enough to eat for today’s lunch and being such a freezing cold day at that it was much appreciated. Good food can really brighten your day, especially when it’s a no-effort-heat-it-up from leftovers lunch.

I was especially pleased with the bread as I simply followed the packets recipe weeks ago and froze it after slicing. The bread mix is about a year out of date, a bag I found hidden at the back of the cupboard!

It was warm, comforting and starchy with that extra feel good factor that comes when you eat your vegetables and I give myself plus points for using up cupboard fodder, even just a little.

Feeling flushed with my success at accidental ‘batch’ cooking I made extra mushroom stroganoff with pasta today – unfortunately not photo worthy as the chestnut mushrooms turned it a strange browny grey colour – but I know I’ll be looking forward to it at lunch time.



Foodie February

img_20160611_113808366(Written last week!) In those odd quiet moments you get throughout the day I’ve been pondering what I would like my month goal to be in February. Something beginning with F would be nicely fitting although I can see myself getting stressed trying to match each month with an appropriate word and that’s not the point of this exercise now, is it? However my favorite ideas so far have been:

  • Filing as paperwork appears to be taking over the house.
  • A Use it Up challenge to finish all those half bottles and bits around the house.
  • Fit February to continue the exercise from Janathon.
  • Frugal February to see how ‘old style’ I can be.
  • And of course, Foodie February.

Overall I’m expecting February to be busy with half term, expensive as it’s start of birthday season for our family and most all I’m expecting the majority of February to be grey and damp although I am very pleased to see the mornings getting that little brighter each day.

It’s the perfect month to focus on food and never a bad idea to go through the kitchen and meal plan.

(Written today) The last few days have disappeared in a blur and whilst I undertook a full stock take of the freezer and cupboard supplies plus wrote a meal plan; life has thrown us a bit of curve ball and I didn’t jot down what we ate last week. Bet you’re totally excited to see what we’re up to this week, eh?

Btw: I’m still running, walking lots and aiming to be at the gym twice a week too.


A Super Lazy Sunday (Where Stuff Still Got Done)

Hubby’s taken the kids to church and so what’s a person to do… apart from take a super bubbly, super long, super hot bath.

I was given several bath bombs for Christmas and today is the first time I’ve had a chance to use one. It turned the bath water pink and whilst I was relaxing in the bath I also gave the sides a rub with a cloth. You can’t really see soap scum until it really starts to build up – no thank you – but you can feel it if you choose to pay attention. No kids meant that I stayed in the bath until wrinkly, got to moisturise* without help and then with a towel wrapped round my head I gave the whole bathroom, walls and all, a wipe down and left it sparkling.

Lunchtime saw me preparing a delicious saucepan of tomato soup and noodles** and clearing the kitchen sides.

I watched lots of junk TV and tidied the living room. Even fixed a torn princess dress with my shaky sewing skills.

I have basically lazed the day away, ate too much, not drunk enough fluids, watched trashy TV and my hubby remarked when he came in “the house looks great!”.

A super day overall which shows just how far I’ve come from here and here and oh, here too when just tidying one room was a cheer worthy event.

Janathon weekly report:

  • Monday: Walking and Yoga
  • Tuesday: Weights and Running
  • Wednesday: Walking
  • Thursday: Running
  • Friday: Walking
  • Saturday: Yoga
  • Sunday: Yoga

*a rare occasion

**just like my Mum used to make me when I was a kid


The Weekend the Grump got me.

I’ve been a mopey grouchy grump since Saturday where the world has continued to turn*and I’ve spent most evenings torn between the decision to eat everything or to drink entire bottles of wine. Oh woe is me!

On the up side there is now less chocolate, not even cooking chocolate, in the house.

The weekend with its seemingly nonstop rain had me crawling the up the walls and as duvet days become a thing of the past with young children, well there was nothing for it but to clean the windows. So whilst I may not have been the most active person and I’m prepared to admit that I have not been the easiest person to live with recently; I’m still managing a fairly tidy house, earing clean clothes and the windows are clean to boot! It can only get better from here.

Here’s last week’s Janathon review:

  • Monday – Walking
  • Tuesday – Gym and Running
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Running
  • Friday – Gym and Walking
  • Saturday – Grump Day
  • Sunday – Grump Day, does eating count…?



*how dare it.