Foodie February

img_20160611_113808366(Written last week!) In those odd quiet moments you get throughout the day I’ve been pondering what I would like my month goal to be in February. Something beginning with F would be nicely fitting although I can see myself getting stressed trying to match each month with an appropriate word and that’s not the point of this exercise now, is it? However my favorite ideas so far have been:

  • Filing as paperwork appears to be taking over the house.
  • A Use it Up challenge to finish all those half bottles and bits around the house.
  • Fit February to continue the exercise from Janathon.
  • Frugal February to see how ‘old style’ I can be.
  • And of course, Foodie February.

Overall I’m expecting February to be busy with half term, expensive as it’s start of birthday season for our family and most all I’m expecting the majority of February to be grey and damp although I am very pleased to see the mornings getting that little brighter each day.

It’s the perfect month to focus on food and never a bad idea to go through the kitchen and meal plan.

(Written today) The last few days have disappeared in a blur and whilst I undertook a full stock take of the freezer and cupboard supplies plus wrote a meal plan; life has thrown us a bit of curve ball and I didn’t jot down what we ate last week. Bet you’re totally excited to see what we’re up to this week, eh?

Btw: I’m still running, walking lots and aiming to be at the gym twice a week too.


A Super Lazy Sunday (Where Stuff Still Got Done)

Hubby’s taken the kids to church and so what’s a person to do… apart from take a super bubbly, super long, super hot bath.

I was given several bath bombs for Christmas and today is the first time I’ve had a chance to use one. It turned the bath water pink and whilst I was relaxing in the bath I also gave the sides a rub with a cloth. You can’t really see soap scum until it really starts to build up – no thank you – but you can feel it if you choose to pay attention. No kids meant that I stayed in the bath until wrinkly, got to moisturise* without help and then with a towel wrapped round my head I gave the whole bathroom, walls and all, a wipe down and left it sparkling.

Lunchtime saw me preparing a delicious saucepan of tomato soup and noodles** and clearing the kitchen sides.

I watched lots of junk TV and tidied the living room. Even fixed a torn princess dress with my shaky sewing skills.

I have basically lazed the day away, ate too much, not drunk enough fluids, watched trashy TV and my hubby remarked when he came in “the house looks great!”.

A super day overall which shows just how far I’ve come from here and here and oh, here too when just tidying one room was a cheer worthy event.

Janathon weekly report:

  • Monday: Walking and Yoga
  • Tuesday: Weights and Running
  • Wednesday: Walking
  • Thursday: Running
  • Friday: Walking
  • Saturday: Yoga
  • Sunday: Yoga

*a rare occasion

**just like my Mum used to make me when I was a kid


The Weekend the Grump got me.

I’ve been a mopey grouchy grump since Saturday where the world has continued to turn*and I’ve spent most evenings torn between the decision to eat everything or to drink entire bottles of wine. Oh woe is me!

On the up side there is now less chocolate, not even cooking chocolate, in the house.

The weekend with its seemingly nonstop rain had me crawling the up the walls and as duvet days become a thing of the past with young children, well there was nothing for it but to clean the windows. So whilst I may not have been the most active person and I’m prepared to admit that I have not been the easiest person to live with recently; I’m still managing a fairly tidy house, earing clean clothes and the windows are clean to boot! It can only get better from here.

Here’s last week’s Janathon review:

  • Monday – Walking
  • Tuesday – Gym and Running
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Running
  • Friday – Gym and Walking
  • Saturday – Grump Day
  • Sunday – Grump Day, does eating count…?



*how dare it.


A week’s review: Janathon

I’m a day late with this but had an interesting day yesterday when I managed to smash a bottle of nail polish over the bathroom. I had that split second decision whether to start wiping or to run for my phone to take a picture – dark purple splattered liberally over the sink looked surprising beautiful – common sense prevailed however and with lots of elbow grease and vinegar I’ve managed to shift the blasted stuff.

Despite being accident prone yesterday I’ve had a decent week fitting in that bit of exercise each day and we still have clean clothes and the house has not fallen into disrepair. I’m managed…

  • Monday – Walking
  • Tuesday – Weights and Running
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Running
  • Friday – Weights
  • Saturday – Ran around soft-play, trust me it’s a workout!
  • Sunday – Running

When I say running though – I’ve joined a couch to 5k group so I’m not running very far or fast but it’s a start!

Hope you had a great week.


A week’s review: Janathon

Christmas and New Year are now and truly over as we’ve all survived the first week back to some semblance of normality and I have packed all the decorations away. I will happily admit to not having hoovered the living room as the great tree removal has yet to happen. The poor thing is to be thrown on the roadside this evening.

I’ve been hearing a lot about everyone’s January diets which sound super fun and very sensible after weeks of indulgence. No one has actually told me what they do with their excess wine, chocolate and crackers….do they eat them in secret?…..give them to the Food Bank?….put them to one side for the arrival of visitors?..or god forbid, have no treats left over!?! There is a reason why I know not to restrict my food intake in January as I appear to lack the ability to give food away/not to eat treats when in the house.

So the challenge of doing some exercise everyday inspired by Janathon is, I find, the ideal healthy new year start for me in this cold, grey, treat filled month. Clean dishes and clothes are still demanded by the family as are cooked meals and individual attention so any little bit of exercise I can fit in will be celebrated and shouted about from the rooftops. This week I have done:

  • Monday – Yoga
  • Tuesday – Yoga and walking
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Yoga and walking
  • Friday – Weights and walking
  • Saturday – Hobbled around*
  • Sunday – Slow and sore Yoga

Onwards to next week!


*I may have overdone it at the gym slightly.



GOOD MORNING!!! No, I can’t keep it down…..

Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? If you enjoyed a glass or three too many I hope you HAD A GOOD TIME and oh, your poor head…you’d better go back to bed cause I’ve got things to do. Not too quickly however as I’m enjoying a quiet cup of coffee in my fluffy penguin pj’s.

I’m currently contemplating New Years resolutions as most do at this time and like last year I don’t plan to make a big change as I don’t remember any of my previous declarations amounting to much after a few months.

Instead I’m going with a challenge each month this year to install some good habits that I’ll hopefully carry over to the next month and the next month and so on.

I’ve joined Janathon for my January challenge which is all about doing some exercise every day. Even just a little bit. I’ve always liked the idea of doing yoga in the mornings and this is the month I’m going to give it a real go.

Here’s to doing sun salutations in your pj’s!


Is my house a mess because I’m lazy?

I’m sat in my bedroom and currently it’s a fight to get to the window. There’s a pile of clean clothes, two bin bags of clothes that need to be dropped off at a friends, a pack of toilet roll, one box of Christmas jumpers and one box of shoes/miscellaneous items. If I peer into the bathroom there are clothes on the floor, hair grips on the sill and I haven’t wiped the sides down today.

I can’t say that downstairs is much better really although I can report that the dishes are washed and the washing machine is on.

I could tell you that I’m ill (that would be a lie). That I’m working overtime (true). That life is very busy (when isn’t it?). I could make up several very good excuses but it all boils down to the fact that I’m feeling deflated and I don’t want to move from my comfy seat.

Now I don’t know what your life is like. No idea at all of what you have or are going through. But I wonder how many people when home do what they consider the necessary basics*, get comfy and veg in front of a screen. Do you tell yourself you’ve worked hard and deserve an hour or two of TV? Cause I know that I do.

Do you ignore something that needs doing, tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow when you’ve more time/energy like I often do? Perhaps you tell yourself that you’re a procrastinator and it just can’t be helped.

Maybe I’m just lazy.

Maybe I’ve just spent the majority of my life being lazy and need to own up to the fact that you can’t undo the habits of +30 years in less than a tenth of that time. That I have been doing better thanks to having this blog to account to and I will continue to do better every day that I try.

16 year old me would be amazed that I have any clear space on the floor.

20 year old me would wonder how I have the majority of my clean clothes in their drawers.

25 year old me would marvel that I only watch on average one hour of TV a day**

30 year old me simply wouldn’t care as she was so sleep deprived it was unreal, she’d like the ease of finding the kid’s drink bottles though.

Now I’m going to clear up the bathroom and put that pile of clothes away and then I can watch some trashy TV and veg of the sofa.


*nowadays my necessary basics are dinner, dishes, clean clothes and a clear path throughout the house. Ten years ago my necessary basic was dinner. Just dinner, no wonder the house was always in a muddle.

**not counting the kids TV shows that I endure (and often sing along to)