Happy (Let The Kids Do Stuff To You) Mother’s Day!

IMG_20180311_093156262I was woken this morning to the sound of elephants with giggles outside my room. Then said elephants piled into my room with cuddles and cards and breakfast in bed.  Coffee and a croissant with jam in bed…yummy…I almost got to eat it all myself.

It was really heart warming to see the excitement on the kid’s faces and the effort that they had put into the cards. This is the first year that they’ve really paid attention to Mother’s day.

There was even a bath run for me with personal attendants who washed me* and kept me entertained with discussions about Minecraft and endless rubber duckies to play with. Plus play-dough soap, which is awesome.

Hubby took advantage of a quiet moment and taught me how to make paper tulips which is slightly addictive when you figure it out and I can see that they are going to be my favorite thing to make for friends and family. My Mum thought they were delightful, hopefully as delightful as I found her Sunday roast!

I hope that everyone has had a good day.

P.S. Obviously I still had to clean the kitchen, wipe down the bathroom and arrange clean clothes for the week ahead. There was a cut finger, a muddy walk and at least two strops to deal with. It was all in all, a normal day with an remarkably nice start.


*Being washed was odd. I quite enjoyed the buckets of water thrown over me though.

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