The Weekend the Grump got me.

I’ve been a mopey grouchy grump since Saturday where the world has continued to turn*and I’ve spent most evenings torn between the decision to eat everything or to drink entire bottles of wine. Oh woe is me!

On the up side there is now less chocolate, not even cooking chocolate, in the house.

The weekend with its seemingly nonstop rain had me crawling the up the walls and as duvet days become a thing of the past with young children, well there was nothing for it but to clean the windows. So whilst I may not have been the most active person and I’m prepared to admit that I have not been the easiest person to live with recently; I’m still managing a fairly tidy house, earing clean clothes and the windows are clean to boot! It can only get better from here.

Here’s last week’s Janathon review:

  • Monday – Walking
  • Tuesday – Gym and Running
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Running
  • Friday – Gym and Walking
  • Saturday – Grump Day
  • Sunday – Grump Day, does eating count…?



*how dare it.

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