A week’s review: Janathon

I’m a day late with this but had an interesting day yesterday when I managed to smash a bottle of nail polish over the bathroom. I had that split second decision whether to start wiping or to run for my phone to take a picture – dark purple splattered liberally over the sink looked surprising beautiful – common sense prevailed however and with lots of elbow grease and vinegar I’ve managed to shift the blasted stuff.

Despite being accident prone yesterday I’ve had a decent week fitting in that bit of exercise each day and we still have clean clothes and the house has not fallen into disrepair. I’m managed…

  • Monday – Walking
  • Tuesday – Weights and Running
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Running
  • Friday – Weights
  • Saturday – Ran around soft-play, trust me it’s a workout!
  • Sunday – Running

When I say running though – I’ve joined a couch to 5k group so I’m not running very far or fast but it’s a start!

Hope you had a great week.

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