A week’s review: Janathon

Christmas and New Year are now and truly over as we’ve all survived the first week back to some semblance of normality and I have packed all the decorations away. I will happily admit to not having hoovered the living room as the great tree removal has yet to happen. The poor thing is to be thrown on the roadside this evening.

I’ve been hearing a lot about everyone’s January diets which sound super fun and very sensible after weeks of indulgence. No one has actually told me what they do with their excess wine, chocolate and crackers….do they eat them in secret?…..give them to the Food Bank?….put them to one side for the arrival of visitors?..or god forbid, have no treats left over!?! There is a reason why I know not to restrict my food intake in January as I appear to lack the ability to give food away/not to eat treats when in the house.

So the challenge of doing some exercise everyday inspired by Janathon is, I find, the ideal healthy new year start for me in this cold, grey, treat filled month. Clean dishes and clothes are still demanded by the family as are cooked meals and individual attention so any little bit of exercise I can fit in will be celebrated and shouted about from the rooftops. This week I have done:

  • Monday – Yoga
  • Tuesday – Yoga and walking
  • Wednesday – Walking
  • Thursday – Yoga and walking
  • Friday – Weights and walking
  • Saturday – Hobbled around*
  • Sunday – Slow and sore Yoga

Onwards to next week!


*I may have overdone it at the gym slightly.


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