Presents Galore; getting more for your money.


I’ve made a list and checked it twice, have no idea who’s naughty or nice…la,la,la…and there’s still a fair few more to do…la,fa,la!

While last year I was rummaging for paper and tape just hours before visitors arrived this year I’ve purposely wrapped the presents that I’ve picked up/had delivered yesterday earlier in preparation. I’ve even jotted down what I’ve bought for whom and the recommended retail price. Which is not always the price I buy them for:

I used Black ‘Friday’* discounts this year to buy some personalised gifts from Not On The High Street and Photobox  In fact I always buy the grandparents Slim Calendars filled with pictures of the kids and having missed** the previous autumn discounts Black Friday was a decent kick up the arse.

I bought general gifts in the sales. Ahem, the January sales in fact when I stocked up my present drawer full of gifts to give when I get reminded it’s, surprise, someone’s birthday and I’d forgotten…again. Any left in December get used as stocking fillers or to bulk up a voucher or homemade gift.

Ah yes, homemade gifts. I’ve so far made chilli vodka, hot chocolate and jam. It tastes like jam anyhow, even if you do need a carving knife to slice it…oops. I’m hoping I’ll find the time and energy to do some baking nearer the day to present friends with little hampers.

I’ve used points accrued by my cards and the online surveys I do to boost my spending power on cinema vouchers and the like. So NatWest, Tesco, Nectar, Boots and Pinecone Research especially – thank you.

If I’m missing out on a trick, please do share.



*really it’s a whole weekend in the UK

**been too lazy to pick the pictures for the actual calenders

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