Surprise, it’s Christmas in 20 days!

The shops are abundant with twinkly Christmas lights, an overload of decorations and cheerful shoppers at the moment. These cheerful shoppers grasp their bags tightly and appear to be rather harassed….oh my! It’s Christmas in only 20 days!

Surprise! Expect it’s not a surprise is it? Christmas happens on the same date every year and apart from the few odd very organised people I know the majority of us tend to approach Christmas much like I used to deal with course work:

There’s a deadline to adhere to which feels miles away during the beginning of the new year and so we ignore it to think of closer to the time.

When October and November appear we busy ourselves with Halloween and Fireworks night and so, of course, there’s no time to think of Christmas.

December starts and we start to wish we’d thought of organising ourselves sooner. We stare at Christmas cards with mild panic, forgetting who we should be writing them out to and get sucked into stores by Black Friday ‘deals’ to buy items with with no-one in mind.

Does it sound familiar…hmm?

If it does and you have any tips then do please feel free to share them. Otherwise get yourself a cuppa and take stock. Write a list of who you wish to buy for and what presents (if any) you already have. If you have time* wrap the presents you do have and I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow.



  • Hubby has a new board game which I’ve promised to play. Exciting life, eh?

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