Meal Plan success!

IMG_20171015_202835450I’ve only just gone and written a meal plan that actually works for us! This a super new, super exciting thing for me as previous meal plans failed miserably and quickly. Here’s what I’ve learnt from years of trying to meal plan:

1. Don’t make your meals complicated. Give me a list of ingredients and I dream of cooking new recipes. I’ll happily spend a few hours reading through my numerous cookbooks listing delicious new meals I will never get round to making because they either take too long, being a new recipe, or have at least one ingredient that I don’t have. I have listed a couple of new recipes that are made from store cupboard ingredients along with the book and page number so we can try different meals when time allows and so I can feel ‘creative’ when I’m in the mood.

2. Choose meals someone in the family enjoys. Since we’re not allowed to eat sausages and chips everyday – because I’m a Mum and I say so – it’s pretty hard to put a dinner on the table every night that everyone loves. So I do my best and make sure there’s an element of each meal that everyone eats.

3. Keep it flexible. I found that making even a weeks list of meals was too much structure for me. Give me a list of possible meals and I’m spoilt for choice. Tell me its lentil curry because that’s what the meal plan has written on it and you are going to be dealing with one cranky cook. Keeping the meals simple and a good amount from store cupboard staples really help with this.

Do you have any tips for sticking to meal planning?

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