Tidy Tuesday: The one rule to tidy the just-come-back-from-holiday mess.

It’s a beautiful autumnal day and I’m busy admiring the view from my seat whilst purposely ignoring the mess behind me.  IMG_20171020_202206919This is what happens when you arrive home and your only thought is a decent cup of coffee. We dumped the bags in a pile and while the kids got reacquainted with their toys – aka: spread them across the house – hubby and I sorted out the bags in the kitchen* and had a quick drink.

Now it’s a lovely morning and no good will come from me ignoring the mess and it’s actually pretty hard to ignore a boot-full of bags that you actually have to avoid when walking through the dining room which is why I put them there.

So as I can’t ignore the huge pile of bags for long I need to clear the space as quickly as possible and I know exactly how to do it:

Put everything around-about where it belongs, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Rubbish goes in the bin. You know and I know it, hell even the kids know it and yet I’ve just thrown away: an elastic band, three deflated balloons, soggy cereal, sweet wrappers and leaves.
  • Dirty dishes and clothes. Three dirty bowls and four plates left on the living room floor from just one morning. The dirty clothes are in a pile in front of the machine waiting patiently for their turn.
  • Clothes. Can-be-worn again and just folded clothes live upstairs. Not downstairs.
  • Shoes and coats. I found hubby’s work shoes on a dining room chair of all places.

I’m sure you get the gist. It’s hardly even a rule, I bet most people wouldn’t even think twice about putting everything away, not a thought about not automatically putting their toothbrushes straight away up in their bathrooms so they can brush their teeth before bed without rummaging frantically through a suitcase wondering where they put the damn toothbrush.**

Just putting everything on the floor to where or even pretty close to where they actually belong cleared my dining room floor in a record 20 minutes.


*insert big sigh* It looks so much better! And those bags? They are full of games that belong in the cubes above them, not quite ‘home’ but so almost there.

The house looks better, we can easily walk in through the front door and through the dining room, we can eat at the table and hoover up the crumbs. It’s progress from me being a natural messy, ignore it – maybe someone else will tidy it – to me being a must put things away sort of person who has to think of the put it where it belongs rule and of course put piles-that-need-to-be-dealt-with in awkward hard to ignore places to start with.

The put it where it belongs rule works pretty much all the time too, like a child’s shoe that I’ve just noticed in the middle of the living room floor – I’m going to throw it in the box now…..




*Yes, there were even more bags in the kitchen! And no, we didn’t take the kitchen sink although it was a close run thing.

** I did that last night.

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