When life gives you lemons

IMG_20171004_211542570 (1)So, I have a cold and I am not good with colds. I get miserable, eat everything in sight and would love nothing more than to hide in my bed – sniff, snuffle, sniff

Lemon and honey are great for colds and the best way to drink them has to be with whiskey! Bad me using a single malt but that’s what was in the house. It’s amazing how a a few shots of whiskey can help you sleep.

We always have lemons in the house as the boy is convinced that he’s going to make millions with a lemonade stand one day. He makes ‘lemonade’ with water, sugar (lots of sugar) and lemons. Little lemon ice-cubes too which are surprisingly tasty in drinks.

A super organised person would not only point out that lemons are a great natural cleaner but also list what wonderful things they can be used for. However as I’m me, a currently cold filled me, you’ll just have to have a google.

I hope everyone is well and avoids the colds currently going around.

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