The only way to keep your bathroom tidy.

I’m not sure I’ve told you before but our bathroom is the reason I started this blog. Now I want you imagine an old fashioned, carpeted and moldy bathroom – have you got the image in your mind? Great, now make it a little bit worse and you have our old bathroom that we lived with for a few years.

Yuk and I bet you can imagine my excitement when we ripped it out:

And my joy when our shiny, clean bathroom was revealed. *grin*

I was determined right from the start that our bathroom would be kept clean and tidy. That we had not just spent over double our budget and hubby had not worked his socks off creating this beautiful room for us just to mess it up. I even told hubby that if it was not kept tidy, if I ended up being the only one who wiped down the shower and picked up the wet towels then I was going to hire a cleaner.

It’s how I found A Slob Comes Clean*, searching for tips and tricks to tidy and keep the bathroom (and house) spit-spot. Now that I’ve been keeping our bathroom shiny for almost two years (in the face of extremely hard water but it does make a lovely cuppa btw) I feel that I can honestly share the only tip that will truly keep your bathroom lovely, fresh and clear:

Do a little bit everyday

Exciting isn’t it? insert sarcasm as you wish

Before you go to bed wipe down the sides with a cloth – just a quick squish. Not even a minute of your time.

Put the toothbrushes, bottles and toys away where they should go. How long did it take you, about thirty seconds if you do it everyday. Less if you have the discipline to put things away after using them; which I totally don’t and doubt I ever will.

When you have a shower/bath make it routine to squeegee away the excess water to stop water spots and soap build up. If you have time give the shower/bath and walls a rub with a cloth – it’ll save you having to give it a scrub at a later date.


I’d love to say that I always do the above every day but that would be a fib. I do them most days and it certainly makes a difference.

Now if the shower looks a bit murky where I haven’t wiped down with the cloth after a busy week I pop the kids in the bath and with just good old elbow grease get my shower to shine again.

No nasty chemicals, no special equipment** and the bathroom is now my favorite room of the house. Clean and calm, perfect for a relaxing bath… until the children wander in of course. lol.






*It’s worth reading the blog right from the beginning.

**My ‘cloths’ are actually old towels cut up that I hemmed and used as baby wipes. They are now on their third life being used as bathroom cleaning cloths. Super cheap, eco friendly and easy!

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