Tidy Tuesday’s are back!

My overtime is finished, for the rest of the year as far as I can tell, and I am sooo pleased! I tend to work extra days to cover people’s holidays in the office so it means that for the last few weeks I have been basically doing two people’s jobs which has made the time fly by and my dear old brain cells have a work out. Talk about vegging in the evenings….I’ve been zombifying myself with computer games and the TV.

Hubby has been a star and kept the kitchen in order, hoovering when asked and he cooked up a sausage surprise last week which was utterly delicious and lasted me a few lunches too.

We’ve been making a team effort and kept on top of the basics of having clean dishes, clean clothes and a fairly tidy floor space. There are no doubt a few more years of lego, crafts and the constant collection of stones/sticks/leaves/conkers to get through before I can expect a just hoovered floor to remain tidy for more than a few hours.

Tuesday this week was a chance to remind myself how much time it takes just to reset the house to a good-for-us state and how easy it is just to waste time on social media

See you soon!

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