A quick catch up…

Well this week just went on full steam ahead, somehow it’s half way through September and I swear it was only summer yesterday. From dresses, sandals and shorts the heating* has kicked on a few times this week and I’m already planning to get the ‘winter’ clothes down from the loft.

Speaking of planning I have not been making much progress with my meal plan. The cupboards are clean and I have a lovely long list, even a few meals jotted down but I’ve found myself distracted and so I’m cheating this week – with a Hello Fresh box.  We’ve used them before and the excuse I’m sticking with is that I’ve got overtime for the next two weeks. It’s not that I’m being lazy at all…promise.

Hubby’s abandoned me for a fancy work conference this weekend and as I’ve just managed to get the monsters to sleep I’m off to enjoy a cuppa (only three tea bags left in the house currently, shock, horror!) and to catch up with the Bake Off.

Have a great weekend.


* The heating comes on if the house drops below 18.5 – the lowest I could get hubby to agree to – at 6am

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