Back to Reality….back to school and a start to meal planning

img_20160611_113808366August passed by in a breeze of wellies and sun, sand and pizza, a collection of lazy days where the monsters created a very lived in house for us to enjoy. Seriously, the number of times I slid down the stairs on the ‘slide’ they made with a mattresses and every pillow in the house, I lost count.

Whilst good fun has been enjoyed over the summer holidays I am so, so glad that school has restarted today. We’ll enjoy a few weeks of upheaval whilst we get settled into the school routine which is further complicated with the monster being at preschool hours.

I have grand plans to become more organised with our food this term as evenings run much smoother when it’s leftovers on a working school night, which means there have to be some leftovers to eat!

The start to any meal plan is knowing what ingredients you have in the house and so this weekend I’ll be going through the kitchen armed with a pad and pen. Who knows how many tins of baked beans I’ll find….

And since I’m there rummaging through the cupboards I’ll give them a swish with a damp cloth. I may be the only one in the household to appreciate the clean inside of a kitchen cupboard but hey ho, I’ll be happy.

The next step is then creating meals out of the list of food currently in the house, I’ll be browsing the internet for tips so that we don’t end up with something like this:

  • egg, chips and beans
  • beans, egg and chips
  • chips, egg and beans
  • beans, chips and egg
  • chips, beans and egg
  • egg, beans and chips

Exciting days!

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