Financial Friday: They spent how much…?

The wedding of our year went really well last weekend and I’m pleased to report that we didn’t go crazy at the bar. One of the few that didn’t, I believe, as I heard of £150+ bar bills being mentioned by a couple of guests the next morning. I’m very pleased that I suffered no hangover the next day although I was exhausted from rushing around after the bride in the morning and dancing practically all night.

Apparently the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £25,000. Twenty Five Thousand Pounds, it boggles my mind.

Now being broke financially savvy my friends didn’t quite spend that much. Roughly 25% of the aforementioned figure as indeed did we on our wedding *puts on smug face* although you did get a bit more bang for your buck some eight years ago. Thinking about it we’ve only been to three weddings that I reckon cost upwards of £20,000.

Now there’s nothing wrong with spending however much you want on a wedding, a new car, a large house, a holiday but I wonder how many people spend money they don’t have on things they think they need – like exclusive use of a fancy house for all of one day.

Perhaps we should all be spending on the things that matter to us?

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