A day of two halves

IMG_20170711_103951473It’s been a hectic weekend and an enjoyable one at that. It may be now Tuesday but I’m still recovering from a hen party, after all I’m not getting any younger seeing as it was my birthday on Monday too.

This was my first Tuesday of far too long where there was nothing planned and practically all day to get the house in order and everything prepped for another busy few days….

…and I spent the morning in bed. Dozing.

God it felt amazing.

You’d think that after dealing with breakfast, the school run and nursery drop off which involves a good half hour of brisk walking in the fresh air that I’d be awake and raring to go. But no. From telling myself that I’d apply myself for a couple of hours and then rest to I’ll just do a quick work-out and then rest to walking through the front door and straight up to bed.

It was worth every comfy-bed-snuggly-duvet moment.

I then spent my afternoon running around the house like a blue arsed fly getting downstairs – at least – ready for anything. Dishes washed and counters cleared. Rubbish in the bin and everything else at their designated areas. Clothes hung, dried, folded and in the correct bedrooms. Floors cleared and hoovered which lasted 20 minutes until we built killer robots out of lego.

I even managed to get dinner cooked for today and prepped for tomorrow as well. I can guarantee that if I’d mooched around the house without my lazy morning not more would have been done. It really goes to show how much quicker it is to blitz part of house when the basic routine gets done everyday and you’ve had enough rest. Saying that it’s time for my beauty sleep and I can rest easy that when Mum comes round tomorrow she won’t be dismayed at the state of our house.

Just don’t open the door to my bedroom, ok Mum?

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