On putting laundry away – there is no fail

IMG_20170627_104214842I can think of ten things that I’d rather do than put laundry away, actually I reckon if I put my mind to it I could find a lot more than 10 things. Sleep is top of the list as always, dear god I miss having a full nights sleep.

I declared to myself last week that I was going to get better at putting the laundry away where it belongs. I can say that I’ve improved in that the dining room cabinet no longer resembles a Primarni shelf and that the clothes are making it to their correct rooms of residence.

With my quest to make small changes that will hopefully evolve into a routine that ticks over nicely I was very tempted to grouch and say that my attempt to put clothes away had failed. After all they are not technically away until they are folded nicely in their drawers/cubes/box (monster doesn’t have drawers or a wardrobe in her room).

But I pulled up my positive pants and decided to see how much better the dining room looks. Should anyone come over for a bite to eat they will no longer be greeted by the sight of our socks.*

There is no failing here as I try to be better. The only way I can possibly fail is to stop trying, is to stop caring. And I’m not going to do that.

I’m actually going to go upstairs and put those clothes away now.

I do the awesome KonMarie folding, at least my version of the same, which means we can see from a glance what clothes we have rather than have tops hiding at the bottom. I almost got hubby’s top going in a nice colour gradient – see image above, yes it’s his actual drawer!


*I swing between feeling like it’s just wrong to see someone’s laundry when you visit to not giving a damn as everyone does it/has it and this is real life here – not a Stepford Wives film.

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