Financial Friday: An alternative income?

Image result for pole dancer images freeSo I’ve decided to become a pole dancer in order to make that little extra to invest in our dream of becoming financially independent. It’s a nice little place with a niche market for those wishing to see soft stomachs and generous thighs. Oh the imagery!

Joking aside I’ve been pondering how to increase the money coming in as a friend has currently set up an Etsy shop which is doing well and she’s not the only one, check out Mrs Money Mustache.

There’s always the option of working full time once the monster starts school (next year!) but after breakfast club, after school club and holiday club for two children is paid for I’m pretty sure the increase in wages will have disappeared. Nearer the time I’ll work out the figures in detail.

I could do further training to become a file handler doing conveyancing or probate. 3k and 3 years later my wage would significantly increase – as would my stress levels.

Further pondering has me thinking about the different things I can do that could generate income such as gardening, dog walking/sitting, selling my art, altering clothes, renting a room and face painting.

Now there’s always the issue of any job, no matter how good, becoming dull, repetitive and stressful over time. Indeed simply doing anything because you think you should sucks the joy straight out of it. Mr Finance Zombie and The Ermine have both commented upon it and while I agree wholeheartedly a bit extra cash certainly would be helpful.

I’m definitely thinking about face painting today . After being roped into the Christmas fair I’m now the official PTA face painter and have spent the afternoon painting designs on sticky faces. Overall it’s good fun, only a few hours and today it was for the school.

With a bit more practice there’s no reason I shouldn’t give face painting a go as a side income. I’ll offer my services out this year and see what happens.


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