A busy few days and *bump* back to reality

IMG_20170702_160607615I’ve been out and about this weekend to a hen party  – oh, my head! – and a day out in Bath which involved the spa and lots of sushi. Do check out Yen Sushi if you get the chance, it was scrummy.

I’m always surprised how a day relaxing, eating and mooching around shops can leave you drained of energy although part of it I suspect is your poor brain trying to take in all the new sights while managing not to bump into people.

I could have come home and dropped onto the sofa with a cuppa quite happily for the evening but alas it was not to be.

There’s no need to cry over damp and rumpled washing or indeed breathe fire at the state of the floor as you’ll be seen as an ungrateful git which is quite right. It’s the first time I’ve been away for a weekend and the first time for hubby too, now we’ll both hopefully know what to expect next time. *

The only thing to do was, of course, thank hubby for holding down the fort and to pull on those marigolds and get the dishes washed. Everything is that little more manageable when you can actually use the kitchen!



* I was expecting the kids to miss me more, especially the monster, sob.


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