Why I don’t resent tidying this summer’s day

I wrote this yesterday whilst at home with the boy who was off with heat exhaustion but lacked the energy to hit publish apparently. So here you go:

We’re having a heatwave and today is absolutely gorgeous.

So you might ask yourself why I’m currently inside at midday after wandering through the house armed with my hoover and Dana’s commandments (dishes-floor-clutter-pickup)

Because we’re having a heatwave!

Now is not the time for me bake in the sun (although I wish it were a possibility, remember monsters reside here) or time to attack the garden as it so desperately needs. My lily-white skin has had no time to acclimatise to this sudden increase in temperature seeing as we’ve jumped from an English June of 18C to an impressive 30C. With two pale children we are hiding in our house-cave with curtains closed and an unlimited supply of ice cubes.

I’m pleased that the heat has prompted me to pack away the final winter clothes that have been living in a pile for the last month. Yet another pile banished from the bedroom and a delivery of clothes from a friend has been sorted and packed away for next year. I may complain at the stickiness of the heat but it’s so nice to mooch about in the cool.

P.S. The tidy floor only lasted 20 minutes until we started building lego creations.

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