Introducing Financial Friday.

img_20160611_113808366From declaring that I was going to get my finances sorted to happily creating and updating spreadsheets I think it’s about time I started to get serious about giving my accounts and spending habits a good going over.

After all, I’ve spent the last few weeks reading financial blogs as I’ve had free time. Free time that came surprisingly from following Dana’s 28 Day Challenge. I can only think that as I didn’t have to actively think about what I should do each day – the dishes! always the dishes! –  I didn’t therefore spend that little extra time thinking of a way to avoid said dishes and delaying until the last possible moment. .…Oh, no. now I’m too tired to do the dishes. Oh well, I might as well do them tomorrow….

I’ve been inspired and repeatably shown that I suck at managing money. People who are good at managing money do not have their husbands wondering why the joint account has gone into the overdraft at 7am one work morning. Oops.

Did you know that Jacob at ERE can live off $7000 a year? That Mr Money Mustache retired in his 30’s? That the UK is home to The Escape Artist and the Ermine whose wonderful blogs I have read from start to finish and makes me a little less scared about the idea of investing?

I didn’t even realise that financial independence or early retirement was a thing. A big wondrous amazing breathing scary thing that I want to reach for. Hell, if I manage to retire anytime before 60 I’ll probably count as an early retiree as the age of retirement seems to be getting later and later.

I now have a dream of not only a tidy home but time to actually spend in it with my family. So I’m introducing Financial Fridays for a place for me to ramble and to get my thoughts in order – what can I say? I like to share.


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