Days 19-23 – How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind – 28 Day Challenge

Did you know that cooking a meal, even in an unusual kitchen, is easier when the counters are clear? Who Knew!

Did you know that brushing the kids teeth is easier when the toothbrushes and toothpaste are just-put-your-hand-out-and-grab-them accessible rather than hidden behind various bottles and bathroom clutter? Wow.

Did you know that packing a car with your holiday essentials to go home doesn’t have to cause arguments and self-inflicted hair pulling? When you’re not tripping over or dodging items scattered across the floor it is surprisingly easy to access every corner.

Mind blown.

Of course my mind is not really blown (imagine the mess!) It’s obvious that a tidier house and holiday home is easier to manage. It’s why I’m doing Dana’s 28 Day Challenge, albeit taking a bit longer cause of real life and all that – plus me being simply disorganised about writing, finalising and publishing said posts.

We also have a new task to get used to – The 5 minute pick-up – sounds simples and I’ll let you know how it does as an everyday task.


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