Days 16-18 – How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind – 28 Day Challenge

I’ve done the dishes and wiped the counters, yet neglected the floor and not even looked in the bathroom for clutter (it’s a new daily-to-do Dana’s just introduced). Why? Because I’m on holiday.

Because I’m holiday.

If that’s not a first class excuse not to keep up with the challenge I don’t know what it.

And an excuse is exactly what that is. It’s no reason not to keep up with the 28 day challenge – if anything now is the best time to stick with Dana cause the women certainly tells us me like it is. Plus the bl**dy cabin is half the size of our house so it should be less work!

So thank you Dana for your slightly bossy Day 18 ‘talk’ on rebelling. You are right. I should bow down before your wisdom and clear the damn floor.

Summer fun

A holiday picture for you, plus P.S. While our little cabin is currently draped with drying towels and artistically scattered toys; my house is celebrity-visitor-ready (no idea or reason why one should appear) having blitzed the place.

Thank you hubby for removing the children for the day so I have a home I actually want to come back to. After experiencing me over several home comings that left me weepy, stressed, grouchy and downing a bottle of wine with all the foooood, I’m pretty sure that leaving me to frantically clean the house is worth it.

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