Days 11-15 – How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind – 28 Day Challenge

Forgive me Dana for I have sinned….I have not looked upon your commandments for several days….

The reality is that life rarely goes ten days without something happening. When you suddenly realise you haven’t even thought about the state of your home….in two days, just take a deep breath – and do the dishes” Dana K. White

Dear god, the women totally gets my life. I’ve spent the last four days fussing over the little monster as she had a nasty accident when she tripped over holding a glass. Cue screams, tears and me trying to stem the flow of blood while hubby cleared the offending glass. She’s fine thankfully (we’re keeping a close eye on how she’s healing) but I can tell you that all my first aid training totally flew out the window for a good few minutes. Needless to say the incident has shaken me up a fair bit and the kitchen routine has slid a little (or a lot, it depends on your idea of mess).

Hats off to hubby for spending his lunchtime getting the place tidied up so I could hoover and start again.

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