Days 7-10 – How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind – 28 Day Challenge

The dishes are being kept on top of and the counters are being wiped more often than not, I start to feel all up-together with the routine and then I’m told to sweep the floors.

Sweep the floors.

Now I’m familiar with the concept, I often see my in-laws sweeping their beautifully tiled floors after we’ve eaten dinner, I even occasionally swept the floor at our old house. I now however have a carpeted house and a hand-held vac which has never quite fulfilled its desired function to be used at the end of day to avoid that lovely sensation of stepping on crumbs at 5 am when you’re desperately in search of coffee.

Giving the floor a quick whoosh around with the vac takes a few measly minutes and yet I’m struggling to do it every day. It’s just not a natural thing for me to do after doing the dishes and wiping the sides. I’m going to try putting the vac in an obvious-in-the-way position to see if it will prompt me to use the damn thing.

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