The – How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind – 28 day Challenge

Dana, or Nony as I tend to think of her, is the reason I decided that getting my housework under control was actually and really very possible. I figured a blog – like hers – would keep me accountable and on track.

Being easily distracted with two young children and having the chance to work overtime means I always have a list of excuses not to do something. I’m pretty sure that if I were single and jobless I could think of plenty excuses not to clean or tidy too. I am after all lazy (I would really like a nap now please)

Oh I’m rambling again, sorry.

Back to the point: I would recommend Dana’s book to everyone! She talks about dishes a lot, I defy you to read the whole book and not stop, put it down and to wash the dishes because clean dishes are the building block to whole book and Dana’s thought process.

When I read the chapter Cleaning Your House Isn’t a Project I had a mini wow moment. I keep on doing this. I keep thinking that once the house is tidy it will be done and that has to be one of my biggest delusions. Sob. It will never be done/finished but I can make it manageable and keep on top of it.

The 28 Day Challenge: We have a few extra busy weeks ahead of us and I’m going to try out Dana’s 28 Day Guide. No excuses and no distractions (damn you comfy sofa and easy access media) I will do what I’m told and record how it goes.

Wish me luck

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