The joy of sod’s law

Sod’s law is…..

….gushing about the beautiful weather and then getting soaked on the way home (note to self: must buy waterproof trousers)…

…commenting on how quiet the phones have been only to have everyone call one after another the very next day…

…feeling totally in control the dishes to blink and find that it’s become impossible to find a clean anything to make some toast, let alone counter space to put a plate – when you find a clean one that is.


The good thing about sod’s law is that it can make you appreciate the good weather, the quiet office and the ease of having clean dishes to hand and space to cook.

So with sleeves rolled up or BGK as Elaine would say over in MFin3 we start to concentrate on simply getting the dishes washed. Everyday it takes a little less time, a little less thought and counters start to get wiped down, items are easier to put away (cause there are less of them when you put jars back in the cupboard after use – who would have thought it?) Cooking dinner becomes that little easier and nicer because I no longer have to fight for space or *gasp* clean the hob to be able to use it.

We even save money as we’re less tempted to escape the house and pay for someone else to cook us dinner.

Here’s to a happy Bank Holiday and clean dishes!

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