Half term is almost over – just focusing on the basics.

An extra person in the house has meant a disruption to normal service. A lovely one on lazy days with Lego building in the mornings and sunny hours spent in the garden that are just the prefect excuse for an ice-cream. (I’m often the instigator of ice-cream demands I just love any excuse to have some)

Although – have you ever stepped on a small piece of Lego? It involves hopping whilst clutching said foot, shouting, tears at the corners of eyes. It is the one toy that absolutely has to be tidied at the end of the day to avoid a painful morning coffee shuffle to the sofa.

IMG_20170415_203454842Well when I say tidied away – what sort of mother would I be to tidy away such a masterpiece?

A clear way to walk through the house is all I ask for aspire to during holiday time.

Clean dishes and clean clothes have thankfully now become the ‘norm’ for us. Picking up rubbish from around the house and giving the kitchen a quick wipe down somehow becomes less of chore and more of a mindless task when these are done.

Dishes – Clothes – Clear(ish) floor – normal service hopefully resumes next week.

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