Happy Easter! Crafts with the kids and evil glitter.

img_20170415_203308476-e1492285387887.jpgIt’s been a glorious bank holiday weekend and having hubby around so one of us can tidy while the other spends time with the children is a real treat. For once it’s before 9pm and I’m sat on the sofa relaxing with a cuppa.

The wind picked up a bit today so out came the paints…..

IMG_20170414_110651663See how neat we are to start with? The paints are in an egg carton (such a clever idea I picked up from Pinterest) and the monster started work.

While she was busy creating her masterpiece I made the carrot baskets for tomorrow and cut out eggs for them to decorate – I took a moment to feel the smug elation of children painting happily while we chatted about Easter and hubby tidied the living room.

I’d forgotten about the glitter, oh yes the glitter.

You can’t contain it and it is attracted to everything. My carpet sparkles prettily in the light. I think I may have ruined the happy crafting atmosphere by screeching “don’t touch anything-stop that!” when the children started running their hands through the glitter and down themselves to try and get it off their hands.

If you ever need a tip for getting glitter off a tabletop mine is to use a damp paper towel to get rid of as much as you can, it’s no good using the dishcloth unless you like glittery dishes/washing machine. There’s no quick fix for your carpet though – just see the glitter and remember the fun you all had.

I hope you all enjoy your Easter eggs.


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