Do you know how much you spend?

Nine days ago I decided to go through our bank statements and figure out our finances. I figured that since the dishes and clothes are consistently – there’s that word again – clean and I can walk through the house without tripping over stuff this would be a good time to work out the years expected finances. Two spreadsheets and lots of coffee later I sort of wish I hadn’t cause ignorance is truly bliss.

You may know that I have a love of making lists (not good at following them though) so going through three months of bank statements and creating a spreadsheet for the year felt rewarding to me. I admit I’m probably a bit weird that way.

According to my calculations however……we currently spend more than we have coming into the joint account.

Here’s the embarrassing good news:- it’s not in a we can’t afford our bills sort of way. It’s the we’ve booked three holidays this year, hey let’s buy the kids this and I want, I want, I want while we still owe money on the credit card sort of way.

I am taken back by the realisation that while I have scoffed at other people’s spending on new cars and large TV’s I am just as spoilt, entitled and spendy as them albeit on different things.

So alongside learning how not to live in a state of general mess and chaos I intend to dedicate some time to learning how to live below our means.


P.S. God that was depressing to actually write down. It’s been a lovely week though with sunny, dry days and cuddles with the kids.

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