What do you mean I gotta tidy when I’m sick?

The world slows and everything feels impossible when I’m ill. Surely after feeding the family I don’t have to tidy….whine…whimper….whine.

wp-1477930759606.jpgBut if I don’t do the dishes today then tomorrow there will be more dishes to do and then they won’t all fit in the dishwasher. Then I’ll put off hand-washing those dishes and get into the endless cycle of not quite cleaning every dish until the weekend and then there will a small mountain of dirty dishes to deal with.

Just like the damn clothes. Miss one wash – can’t quite catch up – clothes pile get bigger and bigger until it takes a whole weekend to get back on track.

So clad in my dressing gown, along with hubby who also feels like death warmed up, the dishwasher and washing machine have been filled and tomorrow clean dishes await.

The dreaded consistency word strikes again as once you know life with clean dishes everyday it’s a hard life to give up.

P.S. Obviously if you can’t leave the bathroom (or the bedroom clutching a bowl to your chest) then you don’t have to do anything apart from get better until that elusive moment when you wonder whether you should clean that up and the answer is of course yes.

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