Getting the finances in order.

Unless you’re currently rolling in it, it’s got to be dealt with. Sigh, if only it were more interesting…perhaps if I had lots of money I would find it enthralling – you never know *grin* I can but dream.

Because I’d neglected looking too closely at the accounts recently I’ve had to go right back to basics and go through the actual statements line by line to figure out what gets paid when, how much and it gave me quite a shock. Thank god for direct debits ensuring that the bills are paid.

Oh the bills! The horror! This is why lots of people avoid looking closely at statements, it’s simply depressing and I AM GOING TO GET HIS S**T SORTED.

But this is a blog about getting tidy and hopefully organised? Yes, yes it is and my finances need to get organised.

This means only one thing to me: Spreadsheets. All the in-going and out-going of money from my accounts need to be recorded so that I can see what we’re spending and where. It’s going to require bank statements, coffee and lots and lots of chocolate.

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