How I halved my tidying time

From 1 hour 4 mins 25 secs to 25 mins 15 secs surface tidying downstairs! Whoo hoo! And from 14 mins 16 secs to 9 mins 52 secs upstairs.

That’s a saving of 44 mins from two weeks ago meaning I had time for a lovely walk to the local garden center to get a broom (of all things) and some new garden gloves.

You know the secret to my reduced tidying time? It was consistency.

I consistently filled and emptied the dishwasher and washing machine.

I consistently hung the coats up and put shoes, often found under beds and round the side of the sofa, in the shoe box.

I consistently cleared the dining room table of clutter and I consistently put the toys in the ‘toy area’. aka behind the sofa. Meaning that today that there was less rubbish to throw away as it was already in the bin, less to put away where it belongs because it was already there and (surprisingly) nothing to hide out of sight.

I can’t say that it was easy to get off the sofa in the evenings especially after a tiring day and the inevitable bedtime battles. I needed to give myself talking to’s and bribe myself with tea, chocolate and trashy TV – today the effort paid dividends.

If When I’ve kept this consistency malarkey up for a while longer I’ll be able to start various jobs that I keep putting off. Time to get the kids, see you soon.

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