The clutter attraction

Every flat surface in my house, every horizontal area is a magnet for the ever present stuff of vouchers, artwork, bills, cheques, bags, rubbish, books and keys, oh my god the keys! How many times have hubby or I rushed around for door/car keys because we put them down for ‘just a minute’ only to find them buried the next morning – how often have you done the same?

So go find your keys..yes right now….find them and put them where they should be and where you would look for them first. Mine normally live in my backpack and yet today I found them (after a 3 minute search) in the laptop bag where I’d put them on Sunday – three days ago. Thank god I remembered, I never use that bag.

Got five minutes? Then pick a clutter magnetised surface, like my one above a give a quick clear. If you’re like me you’ll be amazed at how much of it is actually throw-away-able (I can’t say rubbish as a lot of the pile was the kids artwork) and there is a high possibility that something will become unearthed that you should have dealt with last week – like library books or if you are lucky a cheque that needs to be banked.

One day I’m going to declare war on all available surfaces being used as dumping grounds. But hey, I’m a work in progress….

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