Tidy Tuesday: How fast can I clear the mess?

It’s Tuesday morning and the kids have been dropped off at nursery/school, normally I’d be at the gym but today I’m sat cosy in hubby’s jumper with a warm cuppa and laptop open, fingers tapping away.

Since my new Tuesday routine of drop-offs – gym – lunch – bath – tidy – pick-ups has been disrupted today it feels like the whole day stretches before me and I’m very tempted to watch maybe just one show or check Pinterest just for 10 minutes……which I’m pretty sure all of us know means an hour or more whiled away doing not much of anything.

So I’m going to set myself a challenge to get myself up and moving by seeing how quickly I can surface tidy the house. We do lots of living in this house which yesterday included the boy coming inside with a large and wiggly worm to introduce to me. He’s back in the garden, the worm that is – which took some convincing as the boy wanted his new friend to live inside with us –  and there’s a sprinkling of mud and sand throughout the house plus a few leaves for extra.

I wouldn’t say we’re in a mess but there’s a general neatening up to be done and I’ll be back…….

…..In 14 minutes and 16 seconds as that’s how long it took to run through upstairs!

It looks so tidy and neat *big grin* as long as we don’t look under the beds, in the cupboards or run a finger along the windowsills. This is a surface tidy ONLY and oh, the shopping’s just arriving, I’ll be back….

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