A lazy day…

I’m been spoilt rotten today with work taking us for a long lunch and arriving home to hubby presenting me with a perfectly cooked steak. Cue me lounging on the sofa in a stupor for the bedtime routine and rolling into bed at the first possible moment.

The house stays unchanged whilst we are out at work and when we come in there’s always a whirlwind of coats being thrown, shoes kicked off and bags to be rummaged through for notes, homework and the inevitable stone or interesting stick that just had to be brought home because it’s so special Mum. Mum. Mum! Looks isn’t it sparkly? Look, look Mum I’m going to wash it and take it to bed with me……

Well, at least he washed it. *insert laughter*

On busy and indulgent days like today we’ve got the dishwasher and washing machine rumbling along so that there will be clean dishes and clothes for tomorrow. Whilst I wouldn’t suggest walking around barefoot, delightful crumbly children that I have, we could welcome neighbours over for coffee without panic.

It makes me wonder whether hovering should be part of the daily survival list though…

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