Getting the basics done – Tidy Tuesday

img_20170131_164018940Excuse the photo quality but I just had to take a picture before the kitchen got played with. No toy is ever as enticing as one neatly arranged!

I’ve had an awesome day with a stress free school drop-off, coffee with a friend and where we’ve been keeping up with the daily survival list an almost mindless reset of the house to tidy for us, happy to have anyone round including the in-laws, state of affairs.

All rubbish has been binned.

Every odd and sod left lying around has found its home. Usually only two steps away from where it should be by the way…

Clean clothes neatly folded away (until the next wash has dried at least) with a quick rummage of the kids clothes to weed out yet more outfits that no longer quite fit.

In the living room I took the time to put each toy in its place rather than just shoved in a drawer and the damaged/lesser played with toys have gone to live in the charity box.

Dishwasher emptied and re-filled with kitchen counters wiped ready for a quick house hoover and then more galavanting with the boy to pick up some needed new clothes along with coffee and a cake.

End the day with dinner cooked by hubby – gnocchi yummm – and a bath with the monster and I’m feeling pretty damn pleased with how today has gone.

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