A shiny floor…scrub-a-dub-dub

It’s been a busy week with five birthdays to celebrate and overtime worked, let us not forget pancake day and the kitchen floor was starting to get gritty.

img_20170201_220414588You knows something has to be done when you can’t walk through the room without needing clean socks on the way out. So I pulled off my rings and set to work going from top to bottom.

The counters were cleared by filling up the dishwasher and putting everything back in its place. While the peanut butter jar is awfully handy living next to the toaster I’d much prefer it back in the cupboard above the toaster – thank you very much.

I took the time to do a proper wipe of the counters where everything got picked up and wiped underneath, finding yet more crumbs to tumble to the floor.

Are you wondering why I took my rings off yet?

It’s because after hoovering the crumbs up with my trusty hoover and using the corner attachment thingy…..I went down to the floor with a bowl of soapy water and scrubbed.

While looking at the kitchen from this whole different view point I just had to wipe down the cupboard doors too. After a polish with a towel I was left with this vision of loveliness:img_20170131_164053181

Now to ban all use of the kitchen….

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