The small things matter.

There’s not been much oomph in our household lately. I started writing this post and stopped, started, stopped, started I’m sure you get the idea and here we are:

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned” – Peter Marshall

We have daily quotes at work and the above gave me some food for thought. I’ll admit I was feeling a bit grouchy that I ‘only’ managed a general tidy of the house last Tuesday. I’m sure we all do it to some degree – put ourselves down rather than focus on the good we’ve done.

Well this time I’ve gone all positive and I didn’t only put the dried clothes away; I also went through the drawers and filled a box of wearable but faded older clothes to give to charity. Mostly underwear and socks to be honest as I got the impression my drawer might be overfull when I found items were being pushed out into the drawer below! Once I’d started sorting through the drawer I attacked the kids drawers too as I was on a roll. I swear socks must breed when stored together and children grow overnight.

I didn’t only empty and refill the dishwasher; I emptied the machine and ran a cleaning cycle then I filled it back up.

I didn’t only hoover the floor; I actually went round all the edges with the right attachment (this rarely happens in my house) and then changed the attachment to the brush and used it to ‘dust’ the window sills and door frames.

I didn’t only have a tidy Tuesday as it was half-term and the boy was home so we played silly games, built Lego and went to the cinema.

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