My tidy Tuesday

I had my Tuesday all to myself (9-3 anyways) and started writing this that evening. Four days later and here we are:

The house was tidied, wiped and hovered Tuesday. When it came to pick the boy up from school I can honestly say that my only thought coming home was homework and getting dinner cooked. Bliss.

But it made me wonder….should it really take me three hours to get the house to a tidy (for us) state? I wonder whether people with their shi…stuff together take say an hour and then use the other two hours to get extra done.

Like getting the Christmas boxes off the landing and up in the loft. *blush*

If you’re wondering how my three hours tidying went here’s a run down of how I went through each room:

Rubbish: got picked up and actually went straight in the bin. Not put on the side to deal with later aka the next day.

Home it goes: if it doesn’t live in this room then it goes to that room. My trick is that if they have to go up/down stairs then I place said piles in the way of the stairs so they have to be moved. Or you can choose to trip over them I’ve done that a few times before.

Actually Put it away: As tempting as it is to push the pile of clothes for example to one side, even if they are your favourite comfy clothes and you’ll most likely wear them tomorrow, you need to put them away right now. Or you’ll just add to the pile. And how will you hoover the floor?

Hoover: It needs to be done as the hoover fairy never turns up and I stepped on a currant and something crunchy this morning. Yuk.

By the way, swearing at the hoover when it’s battery dies half way up the stairs does not magically make it last longer. Who would have guessed.


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