Ding, dong, the box is gone! Finally getting the papers sorted.

The box, that box which has been sat on my bedroom floor for far too long, has finally disappeared. You may remember that I mentioned I’d started to go through it after Christmas but didn’t quite make it through to completion of the task.

The kids were sat happily glueing and painting, hence the messy table in the second picture and rather than tidy the visible mess I decided to sit down with them and finish going through the box. I went through it piece by piece making various piles: children, household, me, hubby, misc and most importantly the rubbish pile.

You see that big pile of papers on the floor? All fated to go in the recycling bin I’m afraid. I’d literally kept almost half a box of rubbish in my bedroom for over six months! Ahem, it may have been a little longer…..cough, cough…..

And when I say rubbish, well the majority of the pile was the children’s art work from nursery/school. I feel all squishy inside just typing that! I feel like I should apologise for bring a bad mum for not treasuring every splat of paint and wriggly line. It’s the reason why I put off going through the box for so long.

Aside from the guilt of throwing away potential masterpieces (which deserves a post alone) all the remaining papers have been put in their ‘homes’ apart from the kids stuff that I did keep and have nowhere to live. For now.

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