A house cleaning day, I’m actually going to have one!

I’m so so excited and just had to share that hubby has agreed to let me have Tuesdays* to myself to get the house together. No children. No work. Just the house and I for a whole day once a week. Ohhhh my head is swimming with ideas of what I can accomplish.

A whole day..umm well I mean 9-3 cause school hours..no I actually mean 11-3 as the morning would be the perfect time to go to the gym…wait…factor in lunch and copious amounts of coffee and…

I’m so excited that I’m going to get 3 hours every Tuesday to catch up on house work!

Now you’re either laughing and shaking your heads at me or simply shaking your heads and that’s ok. I know some people would love this opportunity and others will totally not understand why I even want a child free day/why I wouldn’t want to work for extra cash or career advancement/why I wouldn’t spend the whole day cleaning and most of all why hubby would agree to me doing this.

All I can say is that I’m made some promises…wink, wink…..no, I’m joking. It’s my chance to play at being a Stepford wife for a day  (3 hours now we’ve worked it out but a day just sounds better) and I have promised that he’ll come home to a tidy house, dinner on the table.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

*P.s. Every Tuesday barring school holidays and when I’m working overtime 😉

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