Washing machine disaster aka: How I cleaned the filter

It’s not pretty but I felt like superwoman yesterday for the washing machine stopped working and I got it going again. All. By. Myself. I almost flaked and called for advice/waited for the husband to come home…I mean it’s a default setting with me that when a machine needs help I let hubby take over….yesterday however I pulled up my pants and here comes the not pretty part:

wp-1485112233634.jpgThe filter was blocked and so once I donned my marigolds I cleaned that icky mess up. Ick, ick, ick.

Here’s my washing machine rescue in steps in case you find yourself in the same situation:

1. Go to hang up the washing only to find it soaking wet.

2. Swear under your breath and figure you’d hit the wrong program last night, hit the quick wash button and leave.

3. Hear a quiet little beeping sound that you try to ignore until you just can’t, sigh and go look at the machine.

4. Notice the machine flashing a code that means we need help and there will be no clean clothes today unless you do something.

5. Open the top drawer which looks like it normally does. Peer  inside the drum which also looks normal (apart from the wet washing which you should probably remove but…urgh…too much work).

6. Finally think of the little door at the bottom. Open it and start to pull the little pipe before remembering to grab a tub and a couple of towels. You do not want to forget these!

7. Hold the little black pipe over a tub and pull the stopper from the little black pipe. Watch as pints of water come forth. (Hold your thumb over the pipe to stop the water if you need to reach another container to fill)

8. When the water has stopped try to open the larger circular handle thingy. You can probably tell I’m very technical. Swear, pout, stamp your feet and hurt your fingers trying to open the bloody thing. Think about calling your husband again or seeing if next door are home.

9. When it finally opens feel invincible and step back in horror from the gunk collected in the filter.

10. Clean everything, check the hole where the filter was for anything that can be gently removed and replace the filter and the little black pipe’s stopper.

11. Try a quick wash and congratulate yourself.

Do you know where your washing machine filter is? If the answer is no, go take a look and if it’s not obvious then find the manual or use google (thank god for google).

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