Clearing the black hole, otherwise known as my bedroom.

We’ve had guests over recently and on my rush around the house to make it look a little more presentable I did what I’m sure many others would do – I hid it by shoving random things in bags and throwing them on the bedroom floor. Next to the piles of clean laundry that haven’t found a way home, next to the dirty clothes that hubby forgets to put on the landing, next to that box (insert swear word) which still remains to be sorted.

But close the door and it’s the one room people don’t go into. Hence why it’s the black hole of our house (plus there’s the utility room which is another post)

However I went from messy bedroom floor, can’t reach the window to close the curtains without stepping on something to clear enough to hoover in about an hour. This I know as I timed myself, a bit sad I know but it pushed me to keep going and I even make the bed.

You know the drill but still; I went non-stop armed with a timer on my phone and a bin bag. I sat on the floor and sorted that jumble out; rubbish in the bin bag, clothes into room appropriate piles. Once I’d emptied one large bag I filled it with items that live downstairs.

It’s a bit embarrassing but I managed to practically fill that bin bag with rubbish. I’m pretty sure it’s a sign that I need to throw more stuff out.

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