When you’re in the mood to get rid of stuff – move quickly.

You might remember a little while ago I had practically empty ketchup bottles breeding in a kitchen cupboard, it’s what happens when you think you’ll use that last drop and a few weeks past,another bottle is bought….and another a few weeks from then. Letting go of items we might/could use is hard work people!

So when you get that urge to throw something out don’t stop at just one thing. Keep it up as long as you can.

For example if you got bought socks for Christmas – throw out those old ones. Although no one bought me any socks this year which I actually found a little disappointing. I did however get bought two new backpacks and happily said goodbye to my broken one. Away went my raggedy gloves, droopy joggers, some broken toys and even chocolate coins (turns out that they tasted of the bath bombs that were in the stocking with them, yuk)

In short I cleared the house of easy to get rid of things. Old. Broken. Yucky. Duplicated. I felt on top of the world, the greatest declutterer ever!

Then in a random conversation (aren’t those just the best) a work colleague mentioned that opened jars of sauces should only be kept for six weeks. Six weeks…faint. Those five jars shown above? I’ve been moving them around the fridge for easily four months, I even remember cursing my lack of fridge space a couple of weeks ago. I’m happy to say I threw them away.

While in the throwing away mood I also said goodbye to the scratched cupcake tin, a silicone cake mould, a rusty biscuit tin and the mini facial masks that I haven’t used for a while. Cough, cough, two years, cough.

KonMarie I’m not but damn it feels good to make a little more space. Have you managed to let go of some items that you’ve been holding on to?

Now I have a curry or two to make before that magical six weeks is up…

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