When you are very good at starting things. (but take a while to finish them)

Six days ago I started packing the Christmas decorations away so that they could be put up in the loft for next year. And here they currently are:


Almost packed away (there’s a Christmas jumper and mugs to go in the open box) and not quite in the loft, just two pesky stories to go. Tidying is and no doubt will remain to be something I’m working on getting better at doing.

When you’re constantly interrupted, ‘helped’ by an almost three year old and forgot/find   more decorations when you think you can start to tape the boxes up – let’s just say that I look at these boxes and feel a sense of achievement. My decorations will survive another year.

I also started in the last six days, in no particular order:

1. Going through the box of papers that had been living in my bedroom (unfinished)

2. I cleared my bedroom floor (twice!)

3. I threw away anything I touched that made me frown, or think too hard. (Totally going to keep doing this)

4. The laundry mountain was beaten into submission (better but never finished)

5. We reclaimed some sort of normality to our lives (unfinished)

6. I thought of lots of other little unfinished jobs around the house that I plan to make a list of. (Not started)

7. We ate the leftover food and drunk the wine (unfinished, but enjoying  a glass working on it now)

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