How I finally got round to hoovering.

This morningwhen I said I deserved coffee for getting rid of the rubbish scattered around…I take it back. I wanted coffee and it turns out to delay tidying just a bit longer. So please don’t have coffee until after you’ve hoovered or you may find an hour disappears -along with the contents of your snack cupboard.

In an attempt to get back on track, after all I have to hoover eventually……after rubbish removal my next step is to move anything that doesn’t belong in that room to the right room.

If you think you can handle it and not get distracted put the item straight away which I   can only do with certain items like dirty clothes straight into the machine or Lego straight into the box.

The plates go in the kitchen. The toys behind the sofa. Shoes go in the box. And anything that lives upstairs goes on the stairs for me to carry up. (Remember that if I’m not in danger of tripping over it, it won’t get moved)

img_20161204_112149406_hdr.jpgWhile I carried this heap upstairs to the correct rooms I found in turn items that live downstairs. More dirty clothes get thrown downstairs. Cups get taken downstairs. And the rest of the heap is carried back up the stairs.

Once everything is in the room where it lives then I blast each room and put the mini-heaps away. If you’re a tidy away as you go sort of person then my way of doing things probably seems long winded, but it works for me. After all, I know where everything goes now….big grin…

Ah…….those garden chair cushions obviously live under the bed because I’m going to hoover now and there’s nowhere else to hide them that’s where I planned to put them all along. Honest.

The house is momentary tidy! Hoover and get out as quick as you can do, there’s no-one home to make a mess! Let’s go to in-laws for dinner…… 

P.S. She made her famous meatballs by the way which are amazing!

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