Come for a walk with me round the house, and bring a binbag.

The kids have had hours to play, eaten breakfast and snacks and the TV has been on for far too long. The house is trashed people!

So grab a bag, or small bin, and walk with me round each room to pick up the rubbish. Just the rubbish now, as if you sit down to sort a corner/one room out you might not make it round the whole house.

Toast crusts, check. Random bits of paper, check. A broken toy, check. Popsicle sticks, check (we’ve been making exploding boomerangs). An elastic band, check.

There: everything is a tiny little bit better. You deserve a coffee.

Still have energy or the need to actually see and maybe hoover the floor? I’ll write about it after my coffee – never get between me and my coffee.


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