I love my library….and enjoy reading self-help books that I hardly follow

img_20161125_174927159.jpgI  was looking for a Christmas craft book as tis the season and in the lifestyle section I saw Marie Kondo’s book!!!!! (If  you have no idea who this is, seriously you must live under a rock)

I’ve never reserved it as there’s a charge and I’ve read loads about the magic art of tidying so eh, why bother.

But seeing it there, completely unexpectedly there, I picked it up and brought it home to read. Read it I did, all the way through although I glazed over sock folding and started skim reading after the emptying of handbags daily and how extreme purging can affect your health to start with. Having the runs my dear? You must have really minimised your belongings!

But sarcasm and eye rolling aside the book fulfilled what a self-help book does in my eyes –  it made me think. It made me more ruthless when seeing bits and bobs around the house that I felt I should throw out, I simply chucked them in the bin or donated them to charity. Even several that were gifts that I had felt obliged to keep.  Even though I had five similar!

By the way, you should totally kondo your clothes. Especially the way she folds clothes in drawers. Not that I immediately did this this after reading the book, I did it months ago after hearing so many people rave about it. Now I can see all my tops at a glance I wear all of them constantly (those that I kept) instead of the same ones over and over again.

I’m not not changing my clothes selection from winter to summer though. I love getting all my summer dresses down from the loft after living in big man jumpers and jeans over winter. Tell me you get it.


P.S. I have no idea why my tablet keeps putting in double spaces,  I’ve tried to tidy them up.


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